SAVI Treatment for Breast Cancer Patients Continues to Yield Favorable Results

Research shows few side effects from accelerated radiation treatment

(FORT MYERS, FL –April 25, 2012) – Constantine Mantz, M.D., chief medical officer at 21st Century Oncology, is a member of a collaborative group of physicians who presented their studies regarding advanced therapy for breast cancer treatment at The 36th Annual Symposium of the American Society of Breast Disease. The Symposium was held from April 12-14 in Dallas, Texas. The studies demonstrated both the cosmetic advantages and precise radiation capabilities of the SAVI® breast brachytherapy applicator for treatment of early-stage breast cancer. Researchers examined the initial and longer-term effects of the SAVI treatment in a group of 909 women at 12 research centers in the U.S.

 21st Century Oncology is one of the centers participating in the SAVI Collaborative Research Group and contributing to ongoing research into the SAVI applicator.  According to Dr. Mantz,  “SAVI treatment is used in conjunction with breast conservation therapy where the tumor and surrounding tissue are removed (lumpectomy), and the surgery is followed with a course of radiation. Traditionally, radiation treatment is delivered five days a week for six weeks following surgery and the entire breast is radiated. With SAVI, the radiation is delivered far more precisely and over a course of just 5-days. We’ve had excellent success rates with this treatment, and very few side effects.”

 The SAVI device allows physicians to sculpt radiation based on patient-specific anatomy, which increases the number of women who can benefit from accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI).

The studies reached two primary conclusions:

1)   SAVI radiation therapy provides for excellent or good cosmetic outcomes in the majority of patients.

2)      The device can safely and effectively treat the broadest range of women through APBI, due to the precision with which the SAVI applicator can deliver the dose.

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