ESSCO Taps 3Delta Systems to Reduce the Risk and Expense of Storing and Processing Customer Credit Card Data

CardVault Tokenization Service to Ease PCI Compliance, Secure Cardholder Information and Lower Payment Processing Costs via Level-3 Line-Item Detail

CHANTILLY, Va. - 3Delta Systems, Inc. (3DSI), a leader in online credit card payment solutions, announced today that ESSCO, a leading vacuum and small appliance parts wholesaler based in Ohio, has chosen 3DSI's CardVault tokenization service to protect sensitive payment and cardholder data against hackers, more easily comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements and substantially decrease card fees by qualifying for the lowest available Level-3 interchange rates for processing customer credit card transactions.

"CardVault was the clear choice for delivering unassailable card security, remotely safeguarding and storing ESSCO's confidential customer payment information with the added bonus of Level-3 payment processing," said Nancy Lyon, Controller at ESSCO. "With state-of-the-art 'Software as a Service' technologies, flexible platform design coupled with overall industry knowledge and extensive customer support, 3Delta Systems is at the forefront of offering the most sophisticated data tokenization and payment processing solutions on the market today."

CardVault provides the tokenization methods and remote data retention that ESSCO needs to more easily comply with PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), which require merchants to encrypt credit card data wherever it is stored.

With CardVault, ESSCO will be able to exchange its customers' purchase transaction information with randomly generated payment "tokens," a process that safely converts real credit card account numbers into a string of characters which then become useless to would-be hackers. The customer payment data will then be safely and securely stored at one of 3DSI's off-site, PCI-compliant payment processing and data centers.

To help ESSCO reduce its costs of doing business, 3Delta Systems will also apply the lowest available credit card interchange rates when customer purchase transactions are accompanied by detailed information known as Level-3 line-item data. By processing credit card transactions with added details such as item descriptions, quantity, unit price and invoice numbers, merchants qualify for the lowest card interchange rates available. That's why 3DSI's savvy customers, ranging in size from small businesses to enterprise corporations, want Level-3 data included as part of their payments processing service.

"With CardVault, ESSCO will be able to ease its PCI security requirements through off-site retention of confidential card data while protecting against the risks associated with a data breach," said Aaron Bills, chief operating officer and founder of 3Delta Systems. "By passing on Level-3 transaction data to us, ESSCO will also lower the cost of accepting credit cards. In today's environment, every business should be in front of this issue, and 3Delta Systems' tokenization and payments processing gateway solutions make that easy to do."

In addition to secure card data storage, CardVault also features real-time and file-based Level-3 transaction processing with every major U.S. card processor and has earned an unmatched number of Level-3 processing certifications. Real-time transactions support e-commerce and customer service systems in which a customer waits for their card to be authorized, while file-based processing supports invoicing systems and circumstances where real-time authorization is not critical.

3Delta Systems' suite of tokenization and payment processing services has met the PCI's rigorous standards for six consecutive years via third-party PCI DSS certification. These standards are the payment industry's foremost benchmark for safeguarding cardholder data against fraud and data security breaches.

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