625 Days book launch to benefit Project Lifesaver

Learn about memory care from the inside and how Project Lifesaver is helping to track those who wander

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Local Charity to Benefit From Book Launch

Trusted Memory Care, an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to quality of care issues, today announced that Project Lifesaver of Stuart will be a recipient of the proceeds of a book written by the organization’s CEO.

Author Bethany Porter has released “625 Days – Memory Care From The Inside” with a “Giving Campaign” that will benefit four charities during the month long campaign in May. Each week, the book will be sold in honor of a charity that benefits individuals with memory impairments. 50% of all proceeds from Tuesday, May 15th & Wednesday, May 16th will go to the Project Lifesaver Organization.

The author’s work in the field of Memory Care provided a personal, life-changing experience working with individuals with memory impairments. Ms. Porter states, “We wanted the launch to be something special – something that would benefit the greatest number of people. We couldn’t do this without including Project Lifesaver. Their contribution to the communities they serve is remarkable.”

The primary mission of Project Lifesaver is to provide timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer’s, autism, and other related conditions or disorders.
Citizens enrolled in Project Lifesaver wear a small personal transmitter around the wrist or ankle that emits an individualized tracking signal. If an enrolled client goes missing, the caregiver notifies their local Project Lifesaver agency, and a trained emergency team responds to the wanderer’s area. Most who wander are found within a few miles from home, and search times have been reduced from hours and days to minutes. Recovery times for PLI clients average 30 minutes — 95% less time than standard operations.
The Project Lifesaver Program also offers National Alzheimer’s training and certificates for interested members.

The book, which is available in both paperback and e-book versions at Amazon.com is an eye-opening view at quality of care issues facing memory impaired individuals living in the Assisted Living environment in the US. Written memoir-style, the author takes readers on a journey through the 625 days she operated a Memory Care home in Pennsylvania. Ms. Porter went on to author the Trusted Memory Care Quality Initiative that helps Assisted Living facilities raise the bar in the quality of care they provide. Visit www.625days.com for more information.

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