5 Surprising Facts About Direct Marketing for Jewelry by Jewelry-Steals.com

Direct marketing is nothing new because it's been around for decades now. What is new however, is a level of excitement it's been generated both on and off-line by direct marketing jewelry sales.

A new way of selling jewelry that has put a new twist on an old game and that now has people selling jewelry at a social event/party that doubles as a jewelry show of sorts in their own homes.

So to find out more about this unique amalgam that combines jewelry sales with a house party we contacted Sophia Mendelsohn, CEO of Jewelry-Steals.com who was able to provide us with some surprising facts and statistics.

The first one is that the vast majority of people involved in direct marketing are women, and they in fact make up just over 80% of the workforce.

The second surprising statistic he laid out for us is that the vast majority of these women are married and in fact only about 20% of them are single.

Then the third surprising fact was that almost half of them, some 42% are college graduates with 10% of them in that figure having a postgraduate degree.

Then the third surprising bit of information he was able to relate to us was that in spite of the growing popularity of Internet marketing almost 80% of these women who engage in it conduct their business off-line in their homes.

The fourth surprising set of numbers that he was able to provide for us was that a little over 50% of these women devote less than 20 hours per week to their enterprise, with some 31% spending four hours or less on their home business.

Then the fifth and most surprising bit of information he was able to provide for us was that was that direct marketing in general provides income for some fifteen million people in the US where it generates over $30 billion in sales annually.

Before the interview ended though, Mrs. Mendelsohn was able to offer up three helpful tips for anyone who's considering trying their hand at this new way of making money at home.

“Choose a product line that you like, one that you would buy and use yourself. Secondly you must be self-motivated because you will be your own boss. Then finally it sure is a big plus if you enjoy having guests over to your home for get-togethers.”

Jewelry-Steals.com is a premier source for beautiful jewelry that comes with an incredible business opportunity. They work with 2 of the most notable brands in the industry: Silpada and Lia Sophia.

Sophia Mendelsohn
157 Pine Street,
Sacramento, CA