Advertise Your Wedding Venue and Get More Bookings

UK wedding venues received a boost today with the launch of which aims to increase the business of wedding venues joining the site. The initiative is a joint venture between Internet experts Philip Rogers and Carrie-ann Sudlow, both of whom have a track record in helping businesses reach their customers.

Venues who join before the end of April can take advantage of special rates.
What makes this directory different? This is definitely not a ‘typical’ Wedding venue directory, you’d expect as much from two experts in their field. Much time has been spent on researching the market and designing a site which scores highly for user friendliness. 

The aims of the site include:

• Increasing the number of qualified enquiries of member venues
• Making it easy for customers to find venues that are right for them quickly
• Gives venues the opportunity to showcase their wedding packages 
• Makes it easy for customers to contact venues through the site

The wedding venue business is ultra-competitive but also very fragmented. In marketing terms this means venues can easily get lost. As Philip Rogers says, ‘We’ve spoken to wedding venues large and small, established and new. They all say the same thing. Finding new customers is expensive and getting harder all the time’.

Venues will be able to increase their visibility on the internet to customers actively searching for a wedding venue. As Carrie-ann Sudlow says, ‘With the site now launched, there will be an ongoing marketing campaign. Venues will benefit from locally targeted search engine optimisation backed up by Twitter and Facebook campaigns. We are going to be very visible in this market on a level individual venues couldn’t achieve. Early membership doesn’t just ensure special rates but gives the impression a venue is serious about its weddings’ business’.

About: is a joint venture created by internet experts Carrie-ann Sudlow and Philip Rogers. Their combined passion for business, marketing and web design has created something truly great. They have hinted at more yet to come.