Basement Waterproofing and Wet Basement Repair Company Offering Free Estimates for Homeowners in Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada - Waterproofing Toronto, Executives at A.C.C.L. Waterproofing today announced the business is now offering free estimates for homeowners in Ontario and the surrounding areas. A.C.C.L. is the largest basement waterproofing company in Ontario and is well-known to specialize in foundation repair, waterproofing, underpinning, basement lowering and all types of concrete work.

wet basement does not necessarily indicate that the home was poorly built or that there are significant problems with the home’s foundation. In fact, a lot of homes which were built with cement have water problems in their basement so it is an issue that can usually be resolved quickly. A.C.C.L. provides free estimates so homeowners can understand the extent of the water leak and how to fix the problem.

A home which is experiencing a water leak may just need basement waterproofing to end the leak and restore the basement to dry levels. There are some homes which were constructed without waterproofed walls and foundations and this is one of the main reasons behind wet or damp basements. To ensure a completely dry basement the homeowner has to have basement waterproofing both inside and outside the home. 

Depending on the age of the home, one of the first things to look for is water dripping down the basement walls. All the drainage pipes in the home have to be inspected, especially where the pipes are joined together. The inspection should also focus on the flow of water and if possible, channel the water flow away from the home and the basement area. 

A system using a series of man-made ditches should easily redirect the water flow away from the home and its foundation. The water can also be redirected to a pool where it will evaporate over time and not enter the home. Homeowners who have water in their basement are encouraged to visit the A.C.C.L. website to read helpful articles with tips and tricks on how-to repair a leaky basement.

Founded in 1980, A.C.C.L. Waterproofing is an Ontario-based waterproofing contractor, basement renovation and foundation construction firm. We are dedicated to bringing life to our client’s visions. Employing an integrated approach to every construction and/or renovation project, we put the client first. We take the time to know and understand our clients, thus allowing us to start each project with a clear picture of a particular vision. 

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