Berkey Water Filter Reseller Now Offering Special Discounts and Worldwide Delivery

Enumclaw, Washington – The owner at Berkey Water Filter today announced special discounts for Berkey water filter. Exclusive deals and free shipping are provided on all purchases of water filtration systems delivered to 48 US states.  Worldwide customer from China, Canada, Australia etc. can enjoy a competitive shipping fee and fast delivery.

Trenton Harbour, spokesman for Berkeyshop, said “the mission of is to offer highest quality products worldwide for regular household use as well as emergency preparedness.  Our major product, Berkey system, is a powerful, economical and reliable water filtering system. We are devoted to deliver the best value to customers not only in the United States but also other countries.  We have distribution center in Denver as well as a partner for shipping to the East Coast”.

The water filter removes both bacteria and contaminants in water. For bacteria, the system uses micro-pores that are small enough to block pathogenic bacteria.  For contaminants, the media inside the filter create a modular attraction of unwanted substances so that these contaminants are absorbed to the media and no longer stay in the water.  These mechanisms work for both treated and untreated raw water from such sources as lakes, streams, water ponds and water supplies in places where mains supply is not regulated.

Berkeyshop offers a wide range of Berkey systems for household, business and travel needs. Big Berkey, the signature product of the company, is a popular choice for home disaster preparation as well as business emergency preparedness. Other models are also available for different uses such as the Light Filter series for hiking and camping.

Apart from offering prodycts, Berkeyshop also provide helpful tips on water purification through it blog. Topics such as basic water filtration knowledge and natural disaster preparedness for tornados and floods are covered by the blog which is being updated frequently.

Berkeyshop is an authorized dealer of Berkey water filter based in Glendale, AZ & Seattle, WA. The founder of this company discovered the Berkey products when he was health challenged. His experience made him realized the importance of water hygiene and decided to help people by delivering reliable water filtration systems.

Trenton Harbour
Phone 1.888.623.7539
39826 278 Way SE, Enumclaw, WA 98022