BingoHouse Releases Free `How To Play' Series of Articles - How to Play Bingo

BingoHouse — also known as the internet’s largest online bingo site, is always looking for new ways to get new players to join. But how can someone join if they don’t know how to play the game? BingoHouse has the answer to that.

Playing online bingo on the BingoHouse site is incredibly easy. New users must first register on the site and then type in their username and password to log in. Once they are logged in, they will be able to access the Main Lobby where they will be able to select the bingo room of their choice. If there is a game currently being played, the room will be closed off to other players, but rooms quickly become available once the game has been completed. Once the game is over, players will be presented with a number of bingo tickets or cards from which they can choose to play. When all players have purchased their tickets or strips (this will depend upon the type of bingo being played), they are allowed to enter the room.

New bingo games begin all over the site every 3-7 minutes. Bingo balls are called out every 3-6 seconds. BingoHouse’s built-in program will follow the balls and will automatically mark the ones which appear on a certain card. All of their bingo games are automated, taking the guesswork out of manual daubing of tickets and strips, though players still have the option of being able to manually daub their cards.

There are two different types of bingo which are predominant on BingoHouse. These games include 75 Ball Bingo and 90 Ball Bingo. 75 Ball Bingo is an American, pattern-based game. The playing window will show players precisely what pattern they need to make on their card in order to win, and these patterns each change from game to game. The types of patterns fall into two categories: static and moving. When playing a static pattern, the daubed boxes do not change within a game and players must match the pattern exactly in order to win. Moving patterns are patterns that change throughout the course of the game, such as vertical or horizontal lines. Once a player fills a row or column in a moving pattern game, they can claim bingo.

90 Ball Bingo is the European-based bingo game where each bingo ticket is comprised of 3 rows and 9 columns. Each row has 5 numbered squares, and there are 4 free squares per row. Bingo tickets are arranged in sets of 6, called “strips.” In a strip of tickets, ever number from 1-90 is given once across the tickets. 90 Ball Bingo allows players to win three prizes per game, increasing their odds of winning.

Bingo is an incredibly fun and easy game to learn, even online. The team at BingoHouse is there to answer any of their players’ questions and walk them through the gaming process as well. For more information on how to play online bingo, please visit here:

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