Book and eBook Templates for Professional Publications - Word Format Book Templates Now Available From BookLoops

eBooks are all the rage today and millions are spreading their ideas and in the process making money creating and marketing these important publications. One aspect of the eBook world that has been frustrating to many is knowing exactly how to put an eBook together to most effectively market it. That is no longer a worry with BookLoops Premium Book Templates.

They say that necessity if the mother of invention and that is the case with the idea for Premium Book Templates. The creators of this exciting product are quick to tell anyone how this service came about. In fact they say, "We are writers and publishers. After searching in vain for any legitimate easy to use book templates we found none. So we created our own. We needed a book template that was easy to use time and time again. Now they are available to everyone."

BookLoops Premium Book Templates aren’t just templates, they are instructional templates that include layout, formatting, instructions and tips for creating the most effective and appealing books over and over again. These templates give any budding publisher the ability to:
• Instantly produce professional eBooks in minutes. Publishers will save time and energy producing their books
• Easily Edit using the customizable templates
• Create any type of book including eBooks, books to be printed, how to books, biographies, novels, sales, academic books and more.

Each template is MS Word based and are set up with headers, footers, table of contents, indexes and anything one would expect in a book template. Once finished, the publisher can save their file as a PDF, for Kindle, MOBI, EPUB or as a file to be printed.

The master templates provide for a variety of book sizes including 7x6.5”, 8.5x11”, 5x8” and 6x9” so that every possible option is covered. Each template also comes with easy to follow instructions and valuable tips.

Every author, professional publisher, self publisher freelancer or even beginner should evaluate this very helpful template package that will guarantee they create professional and attractive books and eBooks every time they try.

Ben Waller
Public Relations Manager
BookLoops Premium Book Templates