Business is about knowing the people who can connect you

Whether your are getting your business started or growing your business your contacts are often the biggest influence on your businesses success.

Failure in small businesses is an all too common occurrence and its often due to the businesses owners inability to find that all important partnership, joint venture or relationship that gives them the go forward they need.

Sydney’s Leading Networking Coach, Sean Grobbelaar, defines this as your Circle of Influence. The bigger your circle of influence the bigger chance of success and achievement. Sean says people need to work hard on their circle of influence no matter if you are starting a business or working in a business. Getting to know important people that can influence your business or your career is not easy. Some people are blessed with charm and wit to push their way into the right circles, others hope and beg that one key contact will come through for them.

As Networking Coach, Sean recommends three ways for people to increase their circle of influence:
1. Develop the skills of successful networkers, networking is an art that you need to learn and practice.
2. To get referrals you must be willing to give, so give first and approach all conversations with the attitude of giving
3. Use Social Media to your advantage to build your profile, get recommendations and be referred by your clients or friends.

Lastly, Sean highly recommends new start-up 8Contacts for people who want to fast track their connections in a specific industry. The site connects you to high qualified networkers who connect you to 8 or more quality contacts that can potentially create infinite business opportunities. Sean does point that you still need to have your ducks lined up. Just because you get introduced to people does not mean they will give you business. You still need to have a quality service or product that people need and want.

8Contacts allows business owners or business development managers to meet the contacts they need for grow their business and expend their business internationally quickly and effectively. Sean describes this as Smart Networking and he believes it fills a gap that LinkedIn has failed to provide for its users.

Sydney’s Leading Networking Coach, Sean Grobbelaar is available for comment about Effective Networking Tips and

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