Corporations and Schools: Now Partnering To Foster Leadership

For corporations who are seeking to positively impact their communities as part of their corporate responsibility initiatives, Scott Gallagher and his team have an answer. His “Power of Choice” Leadership Success Programs allow corporations to partner with schools in their communities to address the challenges faced by students, ranging from building study skills and gaining health & wellness, to dealing with bullying, self-harm and drugs.

Sponsorship of these programs provides businesses with a strong corporate responsibility arm. You will also receive recognition for your participation in enabling schools to afford this program aimed at developing leadership, success habits, and critical skills that equip these students to succeed in school and in life.

Scott Gallagher offers a unique partnership between corporations and schools. Besides enabling corporations to sponsor these leadership programs in their local schools, his organization will work with your company to provide similar, customized programs that initiate and design a reliable pathway—a structure for fulfillment—for your staff to accomplish business and personal goals through communication and team work. These corporate leadership programs have been proven to boost morale and productivity. Moreover, through this program, your employees will actively become responsible for enabling themselves and each other to be successful in their own specialties.

Today, the “Power of Choice” Leadership Programs are reaching far beyond Canada, where they began 6 years ago, to as far away as Johannesburg, South Africa. Through the miracle of Facebook, Scott connected with Dominique Dawn Ray, an ocean away, who was struggling on her own to implement the kinds of programs that “Power of Choice Leadership” does on a much larger scale. Currently, Dominique is seeking sponsors from around the world to help implement ”Power of Choice Leadership” programs to address the underlying emotions that South Africans may be dealing with, regarding a form of “reverse-apartheid” that has taken place. Read her moving article, A South African Story

Your corporation can open up new possibilities for your local school communities. Whereas previously, high-end, multi-faceted programs like “Power of Choice Leadership” were beyond the reach of non-affluent private schools--simply because of the expense and their limited resources—now, with this partnership initiative, you can directly affect your community and inspire long-term results. At the same time, cause productivity & profitability breakthroughs – even cultural shifts—within your own organization.

A South African Story:

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