Digital Photography Book is now available that covers Digital Photography Basics for beginners

Most people want to take better digital photos, that’s a given. But without a little basic knowledge it’s difficult to know what to do that makes one photo look better that others. Keeping it simple and still providing some photography basics is tough to do with all the jargon and technical aspects of photography. The trick is using good examples and showing the resulting photos with a step by step process on what would improve the outcome. There are a lot of very good Digital Photography Books out there for the serious amateur or professional but few that address the basics for beginners. has come up with an easy to understand Digital Photography Book that keeps it simple but delivers the knowledge necessary to take great digital photos. This resource on Digital Photography basics can help anyone take better digital photos with any digital camera. These techniques apply regardless of what brand or model of digital camera someone might use. With 10 chapters and 58 pages, filled with easy to understand photo examples, everyone can get a handle on the basics of digital photography.

Created for the digital photography beginner, this book can be read straight through or used as a reference guide when questions or problems come up. Digital Photography basics are explained in non technical jargon with easy to understand directions for anyone. And the price is right too, it’s free for the downloading. also has many other articles and information on just about every subject within digital photography from picking the right digital camera to getting the best digital photo print. Recommendations for digital photo editing software, digital display frames, digital photo printers, and related areas of interest are also available. People who are looking to find information on shooting good digital photos or finding the best digital camera that fits their style or budget should visit to learn more..

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