Duet Bakery Creates Trend-Setting Wedding Cakes

While there will always be tried and true wedding staples, many couples are opting for unique and completely custom creations from healthier fare to tradition-crushing design. Duet Bakery’s boutique chef, Diana Rodov has embraced these industry changes and created some unique trends that position Duet Bakery ahead of competitors in this booming new creative industry.

One of the fastest growing trends in the boutique baking world stems from brides demanding healthier wedding cake options. Of course, they still want the towering and artistic opulence, but with less waistline guilt attached. Fruit, says Rodov, is a simple compromise. Fresh fruit can be woven artistically into the design of a cake or displayed as creative accents that are both healthy and great tasting. Plus berries can be used to complement the colors of the wedding without overwhelming the overall cake design.

Another trend Rodov has been noticing, particularly at the weddings of younger couples – cupcakes. Yes, long the staple of kid parties and elementary school bashes, the cupcake has graduated to the very serious adult world of wedded bliss. Of course, Rodov explains, the real art here is to design the cake so that the guests are not aware of the construction until it is time to cut the cake. That is when, what might have been grins, turns to oohs and ahhs of appreciation. While cupcakes are trending, Rodov allows that this is mostly seen in conjunction with smaller weddings or in situations where the bride and groom are on a tighter budget.

And, despite these trends, Rodov says that Duet Bakery welcomes more traditional clientele. After all, she says, simple elegance is timeless for a reason. Brides can still add a bit of flair to a traditional cake by adding heart-shaped tiers or custom-stacked tiers. In the end, Rodov says that choosing the right wedding cake is a personal decision. While the market may be trending one way or another, these are simply additional options. Brides should feel no pressure to conform. “It’s your wedding.” Rodov states, “Our job is to help you find the cake that best reflects what you want your wedding to be.” So, as we can see, bakery brooklyn is really famous by Duet Bakery

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