Gizsell Launches a Site to Recycle Faulty Mobile Phones

This week sees the official launch of Gizsell, a site designed to make it as easy as possible to recycle mobile phones in an environmentally friendly way. It’s well known that a large chunk of mobile phones end up in general landfill where their batteries can leak acid into the ground.

A spokesman for the business says, “It’s taken us quite a long time to finalise our business model. You see, how the business recycles and reuses phones is key for us. The other part of the jigsaw was to make it as easy as possible for people to give up their phones.“ Gizsell is careful to point out that its processes meet the requirements of relevant legislation and regulations. 

About 16m mobile phones are upgraded every year in the UK. Gizsell believes this high number reflects our obsession with having the latest gizmo. But scant regard is given to where old phones end up.

The company’s spokesman says, “all people have to do is put the make and model of their phone or its IMEI into our calculator on the home page. People can also search by brand. We make you an offer, you send us the phone for free and we pay you quickly. It’s that easy, a simple way to sell your iphone or other models”

Gizsell is able to buy old mobile phones whether they still work or not. So it doesn’t matter how old the phone is, whether it’s damaged or not. The company prices each make and model in an individual way. Some forms of iphone will generate payments of more than £100. Other phones closer to £20.

Gizsell’s business philosophy is based on sustainability. The company aims to divert some of the waste that normally ends up in landfill. The company’s mantra is that phones which can’t be reused will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way, big environmental benefits and a way to sell faulty phones.