Ineko, Software Solutions And Consulting Ict

The best service currently available on the network in order to have the software solutions and web side of quality is definitely the one offered by digital INEKO workshops. Based in Milan and run by Omar Serafini (author of, among other things, Fantascientificast) Their main job is to take your business and follow it step by step, creating websites and stuff until the total rebrading of all your online presence. In this sense, therefore, as well as having excellent service ICT consultancy and IT consultancy, you will have the opportunity to reevaluate your Web 2.0 strategy, so you can again rewrite the history of your company in the digital age.

The workshops are based in Milan and INEKO is already working with large companies that have found their greatest satisfaction in commending the online portion of their services and obtain solutions that were appropriate for their business. Today we are launching the new ICT structure for every customer needs, it is called Soluzioni Software.

From social media marketing solutions to e-commerce, everything is designed to offer a package of software solutions tailored to customer needs.
Having this kind of constant and consistent support throughout the transition phase will also help the client understand what is changing in their company, so in the future to dominate the growing market demand, which inevitably will face a stronger web presence.

Consulenza ICT is the key: With a team of developers and graphic behind great experience, INEKO also provides a support for any type of bugfixing that it becomes necessary, since, during the time of growth and improvement of its web site the support portion subsequent to the delivery ofwork is equally important.
Ultimately rely on workshops INEKO means relying on the professionals in terms of software consulting and web side have an enviable experience, providing each of its customers a careful analysis of their needs. Start today your transition to the web, why not just be on the Internet, you need to bring their own qualities.

INEKO is a company that handles all the process engineering of the IT structure of your company. Curated by industry experts, it manages all the areas of supply chain information technology, from hardware to software solutions. Provides ICT consultancy in all areas.