Liquidating Assets: Selling Freehold Ground Rents

Mill Hill, UK – Selling freehold ground rents can turn out to be a lucrative proposition. At a recent auction, the freehold ground rents on 40 apartments in Lindley were sold for £75,000, which is impressive when you consider that the properties only generate an annual ground rent income of £6,000. Potential freehold vendors who do not want to deal with the complications and uncertainty of auctions can instead sell to a ground rent investment company. To protect themselves against fraudulent traders, freeholders can sell to a reputable specialist ground rent investment company like the GR Group, part of The Alan Mattey Group.

Freeholders are choosing to sell their freehold ground rents for many reasons, but the most common are to liquidate their assets for future capital investments and to avoid the administrative expenses involved in maintaining and collecting ground rents. The value of many historical ground rents has been eroded by inflation, and so the ground rent payments can now be barely enough to cover the expense of collecting them, leaving the freeholder without any profit from the rent transaction.

The GR Group, of The Alan Mattey Group, has been in the business of buying investments on freehold ground rents for more than twenty years. It is open to transact with interested holders who are in immediate need of disposing their commercial or residential ground rent investments. The GR Group has earned a reputation of giving sellers the best prices on the investments they buy.

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