New Distribution Center For Shade Sails In Europe

Albas, France - As the summer season gets underway in Europe, Voile d’Ombrage France have completed the transition to a new distribution center, allowing their shade products to be more efficiently delivered across the European market. Previously the company had used a variety of different services to deliver their products, including DHL and the French Postal Service. With the rapidly growing demand for the company’s stylish and innovative shade sail products a more efficient storage and distribution system was required.

Keith Williams, the company’s head of logistics explained: “Our systems were just about coping with demand from the French market, but this year has seen the company expand into new European territories, particularly Germany and this has put our storage and distribution network under severe strain. We really needed a better solution.”

To solve these delivery and capacity issues, the company has selected GLS as their preferred logistics partner. General Logistics Systems BV, Amsterdam are a Europe-wide specialist in transport and distribution and have been able to advise on streamlining the order fulfilment process. Orders are now processed and packaged the morning after the order is received through the company’s e-commerce website – GLS then collect the orders at the end of the same morning directly from the company storage depot. The increased efficiency of this system means that French customers will often receive their shade sails within 48 hours of placing the order and certainly within 3 working days. Customers are advised that delivery takes 2-3 working days, but the majority of packages are delivered in much less time. On collecting the packages they are weighed and scanned into the GLS tracking system. Once they have left the depot each package can be tracked on line using the GLS “track and trace” system.

Company sales director Dave Murray adds: “We know we have a quality product that is very much in demand, but having an efficient and reliable distribution partner is really helping us to meet customer delivery expectations. Having decided to place an order for one of our products the customer generally wants delivery as soon as possible and it seems that our delivery time target of 48 hours is something customers are very happy with.”

Shade Sails in France can be ordered on-line directly from the company’s web store: For the German market, the company operates a separate website:, offering the same range of products and delivery service.

About French Vie Ltd:
Voile d’Ombrage France is owned by French Vie Ltd, an Internet marketing company promoting and selling innovative and stylish shade solutions to the European and US markets.

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