ORBS Energy urges Councils to help schools with energy efficiency

ORBS energy is reaching out to councils to encourage them to make schools more energy efficient. ORBS energy, a PV panel installer, says that schools, academies and community centres account for a hefty chunk of total carbon emissions of the average council or local authority.

Clive Pinnick, speaking on behalf of ORBS Energy says, “Council’s aren’t embracing the potential of PV panels to reduce the energy consumption of schools. Part of the problem we believe is that councils aren’t thinking long term about sustainable energy. The irony of course is that youngsters these days are way ahead of the adults when it comes to understanding the impact of carbon emissions”.

The company says its one additional way of involving schools in an environmental related project that has far wider educational benefits.
ORBS Energy believes councils could use solar photovoltaic systems to reduce running costs and leave more in school budgets for the things that really matter.

But perhaps ORBS Energy is being a bit tough on councils and local authorities? The company says, “Despite the reduction in the feed in tariff, there has been an encouraging uptake of solar panels by businesses. Many different types of businesses see a benefit to making financial savings and reducing emissions. The public sector is lagging behind. And if you think about how many schools there are round the UK, you can quickly see this is a wasted opportunity”. Installing Solar panels for schools should be addressed more.

ORBS Energy concedes that local authorities and councils may be put off by the upfront expenditure. But the company is keen to point out that, with returns of up to 10% available in addition to the environmental benefits, councils can risk piloting PV systems in a sample of schools.

ORBS are a Birmingham based sustainable energy company specialising in the design and installation of Solar Photovoltaic systems (pv) for a wider range of businesses and commercial applications.