Razient's CEO Gary Bahadur to speak on Supply Chain Risk Management at the CIMA Information Security Summit in Hollywood

Miami, FL - This month, Mr. Bahadur will discuss the risks surrounding Supplier Chain Risk Management that most corporations face. With a lack of structure and processes, unmitigated risks exist in virtually all supply chain management procedures. The CIMA Information Security Summit in Hollywood FL will provide attendees a structured approach to risk assessments, updated on the latest security activities and strategic advice on security roadmaps. 

What risks do global companies face with a diverse supplier base? 

• Industry Risks: Risks associated with an entire industry (factors include quality, environmental, safety, business continuity, and business processes)
• Technology Risk: Risk measurements for your suppliers based on technology implementations.
• Geographic Risks: Focused on particular country / region, including political issues, infrastructure difficulties, natural disasters, and manmade disasters. 
• Compliance Risk: Make your suppliers comply with any regulatory requirements 
• Supplier Rating Risk: Risks are evaluated and rated for each supplier.

In his talk, Mr. Bahadur will outline why a Supplier Risk Management Program should be in place to control and manage Supplier Risk. This talk will outline all the key elements of Supplier Risk Assessment and practical steps any company can take to setup a framework in the most efficient manner possible. Key elements include controls can you put in place to follow the data and access path between a company and their Suppliers from creation, usage, storage, transportation and destruction and at the same time reduce manpower, computing utilization and air travel. It will include rigorous tests a company can use to ensure Suppliers have the right security measures over data and physical locations and protect their environment to face changing risks. 

Mr. Bahadur has recently published "Securing the Click: Network Security in the Age of Social Media".

About Razient
Razient (http://razient.com/) provide risk assessment software for global companies and global supplier networks. Razient provides risk management services for Manufacturing, Insurance, Consulting Service Providers and Retail industries. Razient tracks all global disasters and incidents that could impact the operations of global locations, tracking and managing on a daily basis and helping companies reduce risk. Download the free Razient mobile app on iTunes to track global disasters: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/razient/id498548261?mt=8&uo=4

Jasmine Jones