Scalar Energy announces Germanium Bracelet special offer

Toronto, Canada - is offering a special offer where-by customers can purchase a Germanium Bracelet at a discounted rate of $37. As well they can receive an additional discount when purchasing this bracelet in addition to any of their offered packages.

The Germanium Bracelet reduces positive ions in the body which can be the cause for ill health in people due to electronic equipment. Anyone who finds themselves sensitive to electronics such as computers and cell phones would gain benefits by using it. Those who find themselves plagued with health issues can respond positively to the bracelet due to its ability to offer additional resistance to the body.

Each bracelet contains 80 of these Germanium beads. When close contact is made between the beads and the skin the following benefits can be actualized:
• Reducing Inflammation in the body
• Boosting Immunity
• Boosting Metabolism
• Germanium beads create Far Infrared Energy otherwise known as FIR which enhances circulation.

The bracelet also happens to be quite stylish in a silver chrome finish made of Titanium.


The website offers a product known as a Scalar Energy Pendant as its prime product for sale. The pendant emits something known as negative ions which are negatively charged electrons. The human body can benefit from these electrons as humans used to receive them in numerous amounts in the past. However our insulated modern society which lacks natural sources of negative ions has forced us into a situation where we lack the very basic natural compound needed for health.

These scalar pendants aka Quantum Pendants can provide these negative ions to the human body which benefit all types of people, in particular those with health issues, fatigue or who are active such as athletes who want an additional boost.

So naturally the combination of a bracelet that can eliminate positive ions and a pendant that puts negative ions into your body is a very good thing for anyone living in a modern urban environment.

The pendants have special package prices of 3 for $97, 5 for $147 and 10 for $275 with additional bonuses which can also emit negative ions. The special Germanium Bracelet offer can be found here –

Ryan Shea
Toronto, Canada