Sheepland Ltd Launches a New Website and Maintains Local Traditions

Sheepland Ltd, the small family business in the heart of Somerset, which specialises in handcrafted sheepskin products, has just launched a new and improved website. Sheepland has made huge efforts to launch a site that customers will find attractive and easy to use. Their product range includes sheepskin slippers, boots, mittens and gloves. These can be seen at the new site, which showcases Sheepland’s products in an interesting, yet user friendly way.

Sheepland the brand and website are both instantly likeable. As far as commercially possible the business aims to continue to keep traditional craftsmanship alive, by employing and nurturing local craftspeople and sourcing Sheepskin as far as possible from UK Tanneries.

David Gibson, who took over the business in 1996, says: “Since the beginning, we have been extremely proud of our handmade traditional sheepskin slipper range. We have added to our original range slowly over the years, and now have a site that can showcase our top sellers, including Sheepskin Boots and Slippers. Selling luxurious products online is challenging, as customers need to ideally see and feel the quality to be blown away – which is why it is so important to have a site that does our products justice”

Sheepland is understandably proud of the product information and photography on the new site. Sheepland has used photography throughout the site not just to showcase the beauty of their products, but also to show the actual creation of their products directly to customers. 

Laura Gibson, the youngest employee at Sheepland said: “We have been launching competitions on our Facebook and Twitter especially for our fans, not to mention our blog! As every form of social media plays some part in the future of this small family run business, I order to develop our relationship with our customers. is just another great way for us to connect directly with our customers

Sheepland Ltd is a traditional family run business that operates from the beautiful countryside of Somerset. Their sheepskin products are as authentic and genuine as their business and approach to customer service.