Solution to the Impending Energy Price Hikes

Barton Le Clay, UK – The UK Environment Agency has declared that a number of East England regions, seven to be exact, are experiencing scarcity in water supply. Relative to the water supply crisis, studies were made on the impact that it will cause in the economy. Results of extensive research show that the continuous drought happening in the country will have a drastic effect on the cost of electricity supplies. As a consequence, corporations and other businesses are preparing by looking for ways of resorting to efficient energy systems in order to counter the impending increase in their electricity bills. The use of solar applications can reduce the effect of the imminent rise in the cost of electricity. These applications, however, are in need of series inverters. One of the most trusted suppliers of reliable power inverters is Effekta (UK) Ltd.

Effekta (UK) Ltd. has been in the business of providing dependable power solutions for residential and commercial use since 1998. The safety and reliability of its products, which include, among others, single and multiple phase inverters, industrial UPS and frequency converters, are ensured by its skilled quality control team of experts. Effekta ensures that maintenance of the purchased equipment will be easy and hassle-free with its step-by-step instruction manuals. It also provides maintenance visits to interested clients. Consultancy and project engineering services are likewise provided by Effekta to interested clients. These services are carried out by the company’s qualified technical design engineers. 

Inquiries, information or feedback about Effekta (UK) Ltd. can be communicated by telephone, fax and email. For easier access, an online enquiry form can be found at

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