Stop Stuttering With Free Techniques Offered By New Website

It can be frustrating for those who stutter as they try to gain control of their speech in public. Now there is a free online resource to help those who suffer from stuttering. is a place where they can find free tips and methods on how to stop stuttering for good. The site provides information on a diverse range of techniques that can help in the treatment of stuttering.

It has been found by speech pathologists that anxiety and nervousness are the leading causes of stuttering. However, through proper relaxation techniques, this dilemma can be remedied through practice. Sociologist Joseph Harvard says the stigma of stuttering has lessened since media attention and the making of The King’s Speech: “Just the making of that movie has shown the humanity of stuttering and how many government officials and celebrities have overcome a stutter over the years.” 

Just as in the movie King George VI learned a variety of relaxation techniques from speech therapy, so too many of those who stutter can benefit from these same relaxation methods. It is a matter of having the proper attitude, Harvard says. The key is clearing the mind and allowing oneself to focus on the speech itself, not its delivery or how people will receive it. Harvard says one should: 

“Imagine yourself giving the talk or speech with perfect fluency even before you open your mouth to say the first word.”

The importance of positive thoughts is also crucial says Harvard. Distracting oneself from the worry of stuttering helps one avoid a stammer altogether. If one is able to gain this self-confidence and initiative it can become a great resource to preventing a stutter while speaking. 

How to Stop Stuttering is a wonderful resource for everyone who has a fear of public speaking because it offers a wide range of stuttering cures that have been found helpful by many stutterers all over the world. More importantly, these techniques have been proven to help them speak more fluently and improve their communication skills between colleagues and in public engagements. It is a true resource for those who want to break free from this frustration and gain a confidence in public speaking and building relationships. There are many techniques that will benefit anyone who suffers with stuttering or simply wishes to gain control of their speech both in the business world and Public Square.