The Coolest Style Statement Yet, As The Sun Finally Hits Europe

Albas, France - An innovative Australian design, inspired by that most laid-back and fashionable of antipodean cities, Sydney, shade sails have taken the elite by storm. Predictably it’s the fashionable French who are blazing the trail and rushing to buy this season’s “must have” garden style accessory.

The use of sail-cloth to provide shade has been well established for many years. It is recorded that many Roman arenas used this type of shade. In the modern era the technology has been developed significantly to produce a lightweight, attractive and easy to manage material that blocks 95% of UV radiation, yet has a porous surface which allows hot air to escape from beneath - providing truly cool shade. Sail Shade World in Australia are the largest manufacturer worldwide with over 75,000 satisfied customers and a world-wide distribution network.

The very poor Spring weather in Europe has kept customers away from garden centers and other outdoor accessory shops, but this is changing rapidly as the long awaited sunshine has finally arrived. Traditionally, the Easter holiday weekend marks the start of life outdoors as people start to think about the garden and where they will entertain friends and family. However, Easter this year was a total wash out with people giving more thought to making the fuel supplies last until the weather warmed up. 

Voile d’Ombrage France sales director Dave Murray, said ‘The chilly spring weather has kept many people indoors, now the sun has come out and so have they. Customers are no longer satisfied with the mundane old parasol. They want stylish, exciting products to adorn their outdoor living space. We can hardly keep up with demand.’

Shade Sails in France can be ordered on-line directly from the company’s web store . The company also operates distribution centres in the US, operated by Shade sails Direct , and have a separate website for the German market – .

About French Vie Ltd: 
Voile d’Ombrage France is owned by French Vie Ltd which is an Internet marketing company promoting and selling innovative and stylish shade solutions to the European and US markets.

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