Website Offers Discounted Rental Rates with Appraiser Game

CALGARY, ALBERTA –, an online rent provider based in Calgary, Alberta has found an innovative and fun way of offering their places. Now, people who are looking for places to rent in Calgary no longer need to travel the distance just to find a place fit to their needs with new Renters Online Appraiser Game.

The Appraiser Game features live rental properties across Calgary purchased on Renters Online. The game is simple: guess the price of rent for each of five places presented randomly on a slideshow and gain points for every correct answer. Details of the rent place such as number of rooms, baths, location and others help the player appraise the amount of rent. Every correct answer lands the player in ranks ranging from Rookie, Bronze, Silver and Gold Appraiser and corresponds with the amount of rent one gets to pay. The more correct answers the less an appraiser will have to pay for a posh place to stay. 

This never been done before feature which is playful and fun for renters is also a good way for people to test their knowledge of the local rental market. It also brings renters to landlords who list their properties in Rentals Online. The website also features location maps, a guide to renting in Calgary, help in navigating through the page, property lists and testimonials from those who successfully found their place through Renters Online. The site developers aptly coined their slogan for the site “Click Your Way Home”.

“It’s a whole lot harder guessing the prices of rentals without peeking at the rental list price first,” said an online renter / visitor. “'s new game is pretty fun.”

To book a place to stay in Calgary, or simply to play the Appraiser Game, visit the site

Amanda Brandt