The North Face men's Polar Hooded Jacket - The Polar Hooded Jacket is a sleek, hybrid, body-mapped soft shell that combines the warmth of a puffy, the moisture transport properties of fleece, and the protection of a soft shell. The body is made of new Polartecr Power Shieldr High Loft² soft shell fabric that's both 25 percent warmer and 25 percent lighter thanks to a revolutionary new lamination technique. A new version of Polartecr Thermal Pror is used in the sides, underarms, and hood to insulate without inhibiting breathability and moisture vapor transport. Unlike down or classic synthetic insulation, this version of Polartecr Thermal Pror is highly stable, so The North Face was able to pair it with a much more open, breathable fabric on the inside to significantly improve moisture movement and eliminate the vapor barrier phenomenon of most puffies. The result is the warmest, lightest, most compressible soft shell on the market. Download