DVE Wins "Telepresence Innovator Of The Year Award" for The Ultimate Executive Meetings

Irvine, CA - (June 13, 2011)

Digital Video Enterprises, Inc. (DVE) today announced that European CEO Magazine has recognized DVE as the lead innovator in the field of telepresence visual collaboration.

According to Jeff Machtig, Co-Founder of DVE, "this award further demonstrates that businesses now recognize that effective telepresence truly requires the ultra-realistic experience only DVE products provide. Informed Executives are keenly aware of the eye contact limitations of common videoconferencing with cameras awkwardly placed above the display. DVE provides executives with the most life-like experience with the cameras located behind the image, for real eye contact and natural communication. Further, DVE's 3D and Holographic solutions are practical and smart solutions for companies around the world."

European CEO reviewed all segments of the Telepresence market from services to products. Specifically commented was the advancement in ."projected display technology, similar to a life-sized hologram. In addition, new sensors allow for users to manipulate a remote object or environment via the use of their hands. These developments help increase the sensation of being in a face-to-face environment."

DVE's Immersion Room and other products have perfected this experience better than any other commercially available telepresence system. DVE's Immersion Room is widely regarded a major breakthrough in visual collaboration and communication. "DVE's patented solutions are a huge leap beyond common TVs with cameras on top. Such systems are consumer level while DVE provides business class solutions with optically embedded cameras in the displays and luxury environments." stated Machtig.

European CEO Magazine further commented, "In the wake of the global economic downturn, a drive towards cost efficiency is paramount for businesses. In addition to this, there is a real need for society as a whole to make changes in order to become more socially responsible and reduce its carbon footprint, with businesses in particular under pressure to cut out potentially unnecessary travel. Telepresence offers the means by which businesses can achieve these goals." DVE's Telepresence products and global solutions fulfill these goals.

DVE's Telepresence solutions for executives are now installed in over a dozen countries around the world and are enjoyed by executive leaders at Hollywood studios, Wall Street financial firms, major corporations and government agencies.

Digital Video Enterprises, Inc. is the world's leader in real telepresence meetings.

Legacy telepresence and videoconferencing mount cameras above displays so people appear to look down while conversing. DVE's product line truly simulates being there in-person with embedded cameras hidden behind images for true eye contact.

Digital Video Enterprises, Inc.
Richard Lamb, Public Relations