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Place of Performance:

  • Within 50 miles of 401-499 NE 4th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73104, USA

Teaming Partner Requirements

Socio-Economic Status:  

  • Veteran Owned-Service Disabled

Industry/NAICS Code:  

  • 541310 Architectural Services

General Details on this Teaming Opportunity

Description of work to be performed includes design work for the preparation of 100% complete working drawings and contract documents using edited VA Master Specifications to complete the following: This procurement is for an A/E IDIQ (Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity) Contract to provide professional A/E services to prepare construction drawings, specifications, construction estimates, and provide construction period services. This project will engage an architectural/engineering firm to provide architectural services to include for the development of design documents (drawings and specifications, etc.) for various design projects for the Oklahoma City VA Medical Center located at 921 NE 13th Street. This IDIQ contract will be a 1 year contract with 1 year option. The maximum ordering limit will be $1,450,000.00 with no individual task order exceeding $400,000.00. The minimum task order value will be $2,000.00. A guaranteed minimum of $2,000.00 will be given to a firm if no task orders are given to the firm. SUMMARY OF A/E SERVICES: The summary of services required will be defined by each delivery order. Services will include consultant support as deemed necessary by the government. Services may include but are not limited to: A. Site visits and all necessary field investigations. B. The preparation of design and design documentation including Design Development (35%, 65%, 95%, and 100% drawings) and Final Construction Documents. Final Construction Documents consists of construction drawings, specifications, cost estimates, analysis and narratives. Construction documents will become part of the construction contract and shall be sufficient to support competitive bidding. Contract Drawings, Specifications and Engineering calculations shall supply a complete design to the satisfaction of the VA. The A/E shall provide a detailed construction cost estimate based on the contract drawings and specifications. The project will be designed to stay within the allocated construction budget. C. Bidding and negotiation support as required explaining and clarifying the A/E's work during the bidding and negotiation process. Actual bidding and negotiation will be administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. D. The reproduction of review documents and construction documents are to be included as part of the requested A/E services. E. Construction phase support as required to verify compliance with the designer's intent, both during the submittal process and during actual construction, and to document variances from the original construction documents. The Department of Veterans Affairs will administer the actual construction. F. Post construction services will be required 1) to update the original construction documents to reflect changes and unforeseen conditions encountered during construction (Record drawings), and 2) to provide the updated construction documents to the facility for inclusion in the facilities As-Built drawings. Each delivery order design should be completed in accordance with all appropriate Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) standards, specifications, and other criteria unless otherwise approved by the VA. Conflicting criteria shall be brought to the attention of the VA engineering department for resolution. All national, state, and local codes adopted and used by the VA shall be incorporated in the design of this project and reflected in the construction cost estimate. The following references, as a minimum shall be utilized for planning and design purposes. The facilities references, as a minimum, shall be utilized for planning and design purposes. The facility as-built drawings will be made available in AutoCAD format as well as PDF. The A/E is responsible for verifying existing conditions. The A/E will be required to provide all labor to reproduce any required existing VAMC drawings. Qualifications (SF330) submitted by each firm will be reviewed and evaluated based on the following criteria in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 36.602-1 and VA Acquisition Regulation (VAAR) Part 836-602-1 as follows: (1) Specialized Experience and Technical Competence: specific experience and technical skill in the type and scope of work required, including, where appropriate, experience in designing for federal agencies, healthcare design, eldercare design, research abilities for EBD (evidence based design), Plane tree â„¢ organization compliance, knowledge of 2010 ADA Standards & NFPA 101 Life Safety codes, Knowledge of Joint Commission and HIPPA requirements, LEED certification, energy conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, and the use of recycled materials. (2) Professional Qualifications: the qualifications of the individuals which will be used for these services will be examined for relevant work experience and accredited education (Bachelors of Science in the specific field minimum) and their record of working together as a project team. The specific state licensed/registered professional disciplines which will be evaluated are a minimum one of each (Oklahoma licensed architect, NCIDQ certified interior designer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, fire protection engineer, cost estimator, AutoCAD operator). The Prime must provide documentation of a Professional licensed Firm currently registered to perform A & E Designed services in any of the 50 United States. (3) Capacity to Accomplish the Work: the general work load and staffing capacity of the design office which will be responsible for 51% of the design, and the ability to accomplish the work in the required time will be evaluated. This includes ability to produce scaled construction documents in minimum version AutoCAD 2010. (4) Past Performance: the past performance of the firm on contracts relevant in scope to the advertised project that were accomplished with the Department of Veterans Affairs, other federal agencies, and private industry in terms of cost control, quality of work, and compliance with performance schedules will be examined. Project past performance references older than 3 years will not be accepted. (5) Location of Design Firm: the geographic proximity of each firm to the location of the VA Medical Center will be required to have a branch office or prime office within 250 miles. (6) Waste Reduction and Energy Efficient Design: experience in prescribing the use of recovered materials, achieving waste reduction, and energy efficient facility design.

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