Teams Now Forming for Maintenance Dredging Services at Delaware River, Philadelphia, PA

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Opportunity Details

End Customer:

Place of Performance:
• Within 50 miles of 1500 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA
Teaming Partner Requirements
Industry/NAICS Code:
• 237990 Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

General Details on this Teaming Opportunity

This acquisition is a fixed price procurement for Maintenance dredging of the Delaware River, Philadelphia to the Sea. Description of Work: Contract consists of maintenance dredging of Marcus Hook and New Castle Ranges of the Delaware River channel from Station 117+000 to Station 237+000. Dredging will be performed to a depth of 42 feet to 43 feet plus 1 foot allowable over depth limited by a vertical plane through the required depth contour. Dredging will be required to a distance of 25 feet outside the channel limits where shoaling occurs along the channel edge within the authorized channel limits. No side slopes or end slopes are specified for this contract. The use of hopper and bucket dredges will not be permitted under this contract. The Government-furnished disposal areas available for use under this contract are Pedricktown South, and Killcohook Area Number 1.

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