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End Customer: 


Place of Performance: 

    Within 50 miles of State Highway 144, Fort Stewart, GA 31314, USA

Teaming Partner Requirements
Socio-Economic Status: 

    Small Business

Industry/NAICS Code: 

    236220 Commercial and Institutional Building Construction

General Details on this Teaming Opportunity
The USPFO for Georgia, located at 1000, Halsey Avenue, Marietta, Georgia, intends to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to award a single firm fixed-price contract for Construction of a 74,339 square foot maintenance facility with three separate buildings at Fort Stewart, Georgia. Project to be LEED Silver Certified. Each building will contain maintenance bays, shops, storage, break room and locker rooms. The site work will include military vehicle parking, POV parking, access aprons, storm water control/detention, sanitary and industrial waste lines, natural gas lines, electrical and telecom lines and other utilities required for a facility of this type. Project also contains installation of overhead cranes and additional overhead crane support; relocation of fuel tank and commissioning of fuel storage tank. In addition to a base price for the work describe above the solicitation includes Government Options for this project. (1). OBI #1 Add Paint Stripping Booth, High Pressure Water Paint Stripping System, Paint Booth, and related equipment at Building 3: (2). OBI #2 Add One Additional Overhead 15-Ton Crane at Buildings #1 and #2. (3). OBI #3 Add the Bulk Lubrication System at Buildings #1 and #2. (4). OBI #4 Add 9,310 S.Y. of Concrete Paving to the project this is upgrade from graded aggregate indicated in base item. (5). OBI #5 Upgrade from a SRS2 to a SRS3 Standing Seam Roof Panel for all Buildings as indicated in base item. (6). OBI #6 Add additional Landscaping other than landscaping required to comply with water quality issues already included in the Base Bid: (7). OBI #7 Add New Fuel Tank: In lieu of relocating the existing fuel storage tank shown in base item. Option item included foundation and other items required for a completely operational system and included commissioning of Fuel Systems. Magnitude of the project is between $10,000,000 and $25,000,000. Construction/contract completion time is anticipated to take approximately 670 calendar days after notice to proceed to include inspection and punch list.

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