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Small Business

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332311 Prefabricated Metal Building and Component Manufacturing

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The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division, intends to procure on a competitive basis, one, NEW modified (customized/altered) freight (cargo) container in accordance with specifications attached hereto. Container is constructed of corrugated steel sides and roof, with locking steel double end swing doors (14 gauge minimum). Floors shall be minimum 1-1/8â€_ thick marine wood, forklift tested to 16,000 lbs per 44 square inches. Each wall tie down steel lashing ring shall have a minimum 6,000 lbs capacity. There shall be front corner post tie downs. Door corner post tie down (restraint) shoring slot shall support minimum 2â€_ x 6â€_ lumber. Minimum outside dimensions of container shall be 40 ft 0 in x 9 ft 6 in x 8 ft 0 in, with door opening 8 ft 5 ¾ in x 7 ft 8 1/16 in. Minimum inside dimensions of container shall be 39 ft 5 ¾ in x 8 ft 10 ¼ in x 7 ft 8 ½ in (before insulation is installed). Approximate gross weight of container (before modifications) estimated at 67,200 lbs, with capacity of 2,690 cubic feet. Container shall not be required to have CSC certifications. Modifications shall include an additional 36â€_ steel door on road side of container near rear of container, electrical wiring (includes UL approved waterproof junction boxes) exterior and interior lighting, an air-line filter/regulator, a compressor, an HVAC unit, workbenches, shelves and circulation fans, partitions, insulation, ventilation (turbine & louver vents).

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