Teams Now Forming for Rehabilitation Services of Spillway Gates

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Within 50 miles of Unnamed Rd, Chamberlain, SD 57325, USA
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238320 Painting and Wall Covering Contractors

General Details on this Teaming Opportunity 
On or around 13 June 2012, the Omaha district will advertise Phase 1 of a Two Phase Best Value Design-Build Request for Proposal project valued from approximately $7.5 to $10.0M. The Phase 1 solicitation will close on or about 27 June 2012. In Phase 1 of the 2 phase design-build selection procedure, interested firms or joint venture entities (referred to as "offerors") submit certain specified performance capability proposals, demonstrating their capability to successfully execute the design-build construction contract resulting from this solicitation. The Government will evaluate the performance capability proposals in accordance with the criteria contained in the Phase 1 RFP and will short-list up to four (4) of the Phase 1 Offerors to compete for the design-build contract in Phase 2. An abbreviated Phase 1 proposal will only require the qualifications of the prime contractor and design entity. This abbreviated schedule is necessary to make award by the end of the fiscal year. Phase 1 Offerors will be asked to submit three (3) project examples that most clearly demonstrate construction experience on similar projects and three (3) project examples that most clearly demonstrate the prime design entity's experience on similar projects. For each submitted project example, the Offeror should submit either a Construction Contract Administration Support System (CCASS) performance evaluation rating, a completed DD2626 (for construction) or DD2631 (for design) which are provided in this announcement, or another past performance data rating sheet that contains rating categories and materials similar to that shown on Form DD2626 (for construction) or Form DD2631 (for design). Work shall include the complete rehabilitation of steel tainter gates at Fort Randall Dam, South Dakota. There are 21 gates that measure 40 feet wide by 29 feet high. Work shall include but not be limited to: visual Hydraulic Steel Structure (HSS) inspection of stoplogs and tainter gates, 3-D modeling and analysis utilizing STAAD.Pro software, non-destructive testing, structural repair design, welding (per AWS D1.5M/D1.5), corrosion repair, sandblasting, lead-based paint removal over/near water, wire rope replacement, concrete spall repair, gate seal replacement, concrete construction joint material replacement, cathodic protection removal and installation, and design and replacement of hoist controls and switches. This work may be subcontracted out to other specialty contractors, as required. The Fort Randall project office has one set of spillway stoplogs (11 total measuring 3 feet-1 inches high by 42 feet-6 inches wide). Only one gate can be isolated at a time due to stoplog configurations. Therefore, work shall be sequenced to be performed while the stoplogs are in place. The contractor shall have the option of fabricating temporary stoplog structures and/or working multiple shifts. Painting work shall include sandblasting spillway gates and associated features to commercial blast, preparing the final surface to SSPC 5 (white metal) and final coating the gates with a vinyl (5-E-Z) coating system with a zinc primer. Work may require the use of scaffolding, snooper crane and harness access. Contractor shall be responsible for dewatering, if required. There will be approximately 1160 square feet of paint required per side per gate with additional quantities for other related features. Taking gates off-site is prohibited. Work may require grinding of new holes for drainage including a structural analysis for altering the gate. Experience in design/analysis of Hydraulic Steel Structures (HSS) is required. Inspection of the structural integrity of the structural members of the gates, including the skin, will be required. Analysis and design of structural repairs and/or replacement of structural members that have been damaged, or severely corroded, may be required. The painting of the gate and associated features is considered the most critical aspect of this project. The painting subcontractor (or the Contractor if work is to be self performed) will be required to show successful completion of similar projects utilizing 5-E-Z vinyl painting system. The painting subcontractor (or the Contractor if work is to be self performed) shall have the following painting qualification: QP-1 Contractor Certification. Qualification requirements may be amended at a later date.

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