Teams Now Forming for Repair and Extension Services at Fort Randall Dam, SD

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    Within 50 miles of Pickstown, SD
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    Small Business

Industry/NAICS Code:
    237990 Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

General Details on this Teaming Opportunity

The first work effort consists of replacing eight (8) existing flood tunnel intake gate hoist controllers with programmable logic controller (PLC) based controllers that are designed to be controlled locally at HMI (human-machine interface) touch panels and integrated with the local power plant control system (PPCS) for remote operation. There are four flood tunnels with two gates and gate hoists per tunnel. Each of eight hoist controllers shall be replaced. One PLC shall be installed in each of the four towers, and each PLC shall interact with both hoist controllers in its respective tower. Each hoist control cabinet shall have an HMI touch panel on the front of its cabinet; the HMI touch panel will allow for control of only the hoist controller to which it is attached. Each PLC shall have surge suppression, power conditioning (PCU), and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery backup, which shall also supply power to the HMI touch panels and absolute encoder modules (two per PLC, one per hoist). A second work effort is replacing (8) manually operated dampers with (8) new motorized dampers in the (4) flood control tower shaft ventilation system louvers. New controls for louver actuators shall also be provided and integrated with the respective PLCs. Contractor shall ensure the encoder that is mounted on hoist shaft shall have a minimum accuracy of 1/8". The shaft makes 3 revolutions for every foot of gate travel. Total gate travel is 128 feet. Existing limit switches to remain property of the government and are not to be removed after disconnecting relays from existing control cabinet. Existing control cabinets are to be removed.The third work effort consists of repairing concrete cracking and spalling at (18) intake structure curtain wall bearing support locations along with (1) similar walkway repair. The intake structure is equipped with "connecting beams" and "curtain walls" between towers. The connecting beams are structural elements that rigidly connect the tops of the towers, and curtain walls are architectural elements that give a uniform appearance to the structure where connecting beams are not included. There are a total of 10 curtain walls, with 5 on the upstream side of the intake structure and 5 on the downstream side. The curtain walls are cracking and spalling at their bearings, and all twenty bearings will be repaired under this contract. Repairs consist of removing unsound concrete, applying mortar to return the walls to as-built dimensions, and sealing cracks by injecting epoxy. There is also one walkway connected to a curtain wall that is spalling at one end and will require repair by removing unsound concrete and applying mortar to return it to as-built dimensions.The fourth work effort consists of placing upstream and downstream drain pipe extensions on (10) of the (12) intake structure towers. Drainage from pipes above the curtain walls is contributing to the concrete deterioration. To keep water away from the curtain wall bearings, outfalls of twenty drain pipes will be extended under this contract.

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