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Opportunity Details

End Customer:  


Place of Performance:  

  • Within 50 miles of Cross Island Pkwy, Cambria Heights, NY 11411, USA 50 40.6883 -73.7266 Cross Island Pkwy, Cambria Heights, NY 11411, USA

Teaming Partner Requirements

Socio-Economic Status:

  • Veteran Owned-Service Disabled

Industry/NAICS Code:  

  • 238160 Roofing Contractors

General Details on this Teaming Opportunity

Contractor shall provide all necessary labor, equipment, materials, etc. for the installation of Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS) new roofing system at New York Harbor Healthcare System - Veterans Affairs (VA) Community Living Center, St. Albans Campus 179-00 Linden Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11425 as shown on the contract drawings and specifications. Work includes, but is not limited to, replacing entire existing Building 89 roofing system. Work includes new Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS) roofing system with cold application, roof drain strainers, copper flashing, walking pads, gravel, and parapet wall repairs as shown on contract drawings and specifications. Contractor is responsible for: 1) Removing all coping stones and replace with wood blocking installed on top of brick parapet wall and cap with aluminum coping caps; 2) unclogging and snaking all roof drains to the Basement; 3) demolition of the entire existing roofing system to the concrete deck; 4) inspection of the concrete deck and repair as necessary; 5) nailing base sheet with specified fasteners to concrete deck; 6) torching down two (2) ply torch system comprising of torch base sheet and torch cap sheet; 7) flooding newly applied sheets with flood coat of cold Cold Tar Pitch (CTP) and apply white gravel to flood coat; 8) Perform asbestos abatement of existing roof system and asbestos drain sleeve; 9) Re-insulate the drain sleeve up to elbow after the abatement is completed; 10) Install two (2) ply torch applied flashings using torch base sheet and mineral cap sheet over primed wall surface; 11) Apply termination bar under existing reglet counter flashings; 12) Coat all flashing seams with flashing bond and mesh; 13) Replace all existing railings with new railings of same type and material; 14) Install seven (7) foot construction fence around the building being worked on as specified in the specifications; 15) Fence must be secured and have an entrance door with capability of installing a padlock. Work shall be performed on the roof and parapet at one building at a time; 16) The contractor is not allowed to proceed to next section of the roof until the previous section of the roof is completed unless directed by Chief of Engineering; 17) The new Roof system must have a minimum twenty (20) year warranty. The warranty letter must be provided to the VA after completion of the new roof system. All work must be coordinated with Contracting Officer's Representative. All work shall be in accordance with the contract drawings and specifications. All work shall comply with Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Regulation, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 Life Safety and VA Standards and Regulations.



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