Teams Now Forming for Sanitary Waste Collection Services in OK

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Opportunity Details
End Customer:


Place of Performance:

    Within 50 miles of 1803 Airport Rd, Cleveland, OK 74020, USA

Teaming Partner Requirements

Socio-Economic Status:

    Small Business

Industry/NAICS Code:

    562111 Solid Waste Collection

General Details on this Teaming Opportunity

The US Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District intends to issue solicitation number W912BV-12-T-0071 to provide Vault Pumping Services to Keystone and Heyburn Lakes, Oklahoma. Vault Pumping Services include pumping of sanitary facilities such as toilet vaults and septic tanks at the various public use areas at Keystone and Heyburn Lakes, Oklahoma. Work includes removing waste from vaults and septic tanks and adding an odor-control chemical to vaults. Removal also includes removal of all debris such as rocks, bottles or dead animals.

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