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Opportunity Details
End Customer: 


Place of Performance: 

    Within 50 miles of 76th St, Fort Hood, TX 76544, USA

Teaming Partner Requirements
Socio-Economic Status: 

    Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned SB (EDWOSB)

Industry/NAICS Code: 

    238390 Other Building Finishing Contractors

General Details on this Teaming Opportunity

The purpose of this project is to repair wind damaged warehouse Building 88006.The work includes to replace the existing metal siding around the building, match existing and replace the existing metal roof, match existing. In addition, the project is to replace the existing metal plate angle with L4 x 4 x % steel angle (A-36), and %diameter bolts to be installed to angle legs at every 6" distance, and %" x 4" concrete anchor bolts to be installed to angle bottom at every 12" distance. All work under this contract will be performed within the confines of the Fort Hood Military Installation, at Fort Hood, Coryell County, Texas. Davis Bacon Wage Decision TX20100039, revision 0, Building Construction for Bell and Coryell Counties, Texas will govern work under this contract. Performance and payment bonds, in the bid amount, are required for this contract. A bid guarantee in the amount of 20% of the bid price is also required. An organized site visit will be conducted for this procurement. Details of that site visit will be available in the solicitation. Under this contract, the contractor shall provide all plant, supervision, labor, materials, equipment, supplies and transportation necessary to complete this scope of work. Except as provided elsewhere in this contract, all work shall comply with applicable State, local and Federal laws and regulations, industry and construction codes and standards, manufacturer's specifications and recommendations, and all contract special provisions, terms and conditions.

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