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Within 50 miles of West Dr, Tinker Air Force Base (TIK), Oklahoma City, OK 73145, USA

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Small Business

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541330 Engineering Services

General Details on this Teaming Opportunity 

The Contractor shall provide support to analyze, integrate and enhance support actions necessary to improve Weapon System Supply Chain Management (WS SCM) effectiveness and to ensure overall execution and support; utilize a variety of logistics data systems information and output products to maintain visibility of asset availability; and monitor the overall weapon system performance indicators relative to spares support to ensure optimum fleet performance and operational readiness. The effort will include review and analysis of supply chain performance and spares support decisions made by Sources of Supply/Sources of Repair (SOS/SOR) and assessment of SOS/SOR achievement against established goals and objectives. Supporting this effort will include the development of recommendations for correction of current and potential problem areas, as well as generation of complete and coordinated studies/reports, as appropriate, in area of assigned responsibility. The Contractor shall provide assistance in defining supply chain management business rules, operational practices, requirements, and policy or procedure changes needed as well as integrating weapon system supply chain management support issues and investment strategies and priorities with commodity Supply Chain Managers (SCMs) and the Virtual Inventory Control Point. The Contractor shall assist with rectifying undesirable trends and propose viable and achievable alternatives to meet supply chain performance and spares support posture indicators. The Contractor shall provide logistics assistance by identifying, addressing and mitigating constraints or factors inhibiting optimum supply chain support to the C/KC-135 weapon system. The Contractor shall provide acquisition and sustainment logistics support to the C/KC-135 WS SCM Manager. The Contractor shall be knowledgeable of logistics best commercial practices and DOD directed concepts such as Performance-Based Logistics (PBL), Performance-Based Agreement, Service Level Agreement (SLA), and supply chain management principles and practices. The Contractor shall assist in the review of daily and monthly Mission Incapable (MICAP) data from GCSS and LIMS-EV, and Readiness Spares Package (RSP) data from AFSCDB Discover and shall research and determine appropriate actions to support field and depot aircraft supply requirements. The Contractor shall prepare briefing charts, correspondence, and reports and integrate information into required reports. The Contractor shall participate in the Monthly and Quarterly Supply Supportability Review and deliver presentations on MICAP and RSP drivers, weapon system supply supportability status, constraints, requirements for support, problem resolutions and accomplishments. Experience: The Contractor shall have a minimum of seven (7) years of logistics experience; working knowledge of Air Force application and data systems to include Global Combat Support System (GCSS)-Air Force (AF) Data Services, Core Automated Maintenance System for Mobility/G081 (CAMS-FM/G081), Logistics Installations and Mission Support Enterprise View (LIMS-EV), System Management Analysis Reporting Tool (SMART), DOD E-mall, Enterprise Solution Supply (ESS), AF Supply Central Data Base (AFSCDB) Discover, D035A/K, D043A, and AFMC Tracker; working knowledge of Access, PowerPoint, Excel and Word Microsoft applications; knowledge and experience in creating databases. Security: The Contractor employees shall require access to Air Force (AF) computer systems and information and obtain a Common Access Card (CAC) in order to perform work. CAC-eligible Contractor employees shall have an initiated National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI), a National Agency Check (NAC)\with Law Checks and Credit, or an initiated national security investigation and a favorable completion of a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint check for credential issuance.

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