Teams Now Forming Turf and Landscaping Services in Fayetteville, NC

New Teaming Opportunity Available

Opportunity Details
End Customer:  

Place of Performance:  
• Within 50 miles of 6 Market Square, Fayetteville, NC 28301, USA
Teaming Partner Requirements
Socio-Economic Status:
• Small Business

Industry/NAICS Code:  
• 561730 Landscaping Services
General Details on this Teaming Opportunity 
The Department of Veterans Affairs, Fayetteville, NC has a need for a contractor to provide Turf and Landscaping Services for the VA Medical Center, Fayetteville, NC, common grounds to include all grounds and government owned potted plant/containers surrounding all buildings from building 1 thru building 48, all non building areas as roads, parking areas, entrances, courtyards and / or other natural open space in accordance with the following specifications. The VA may furnish utilities on a case-by-case basis to include water and electricity in order for the contractor to perform required tasks.

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