In the era of multimedia rich websites, text just isn’t enough. Word docs can only do so much and email attachments are pretty clunky. Today, you need quick, engaging content and PitchEngine makes it easy to create. Our Pitch™ Builder is simple, intuitive and takes just minutes to perfect. Your sales flyer, press release or announcement will ooze class. It’s like sexy, stylish business attire for the modern communicator.

Set the keywords that best describe your Pitch to ensure better discoverability via search engines and the PitchEngine site. You never know what tag may spark some interest.
Catching the attention of your reader or customer requires some whiz-bang. Whether it’s images or video that helps tell your story – we make it easy and free to include multimedia in your pitch.
Social Media
From our innovative Twitter Pitch to our shareable Quick Facts, influencers can share what they feel is relevant with their own audiences. Think about your reader and create a social butterfly.
Location Coming Soon
Set the location for your Pitch to make it readily available to mobile devices and people searching by place. We’ll be serving it up in all sorts of cool ways.
Time & Date Stamp
Set the publish date and we’ll publish your Pitch when you tell us. You and other readers can search your content later and find out exactly when it was published.
The classic boilerplate gets a makeover. Instead of bulking up the amount of copy on the page, we remove the “about us” stuff and deliver in smaller bites only when a reader wants it.


In the old days, you had to “rent” an audience through advertising or PR placements. Now, you can “own” it! PitchEngine makes publishing to your media empire fun and easy with tons of options. Share your Pitch™ with friends, customers or even key journalists and online influencers. You’ve worked hard to build your brand’s reputation and guess what – people are listening. It’s time to Get the Word Out™.

Social Networks
Share your content with your friends and customers via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ instantly and for free. We’ve dialed the Pitch for the best possible performance on the social web.
Publish to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! so that your content can get found. You’ll provide powerful back links to your website while garnering search visitors at the same time.
Stream Your Content
Whether it’s through a link, a feed, an embedded newsroom or our api, we enable you to aggregate your content to your own online properties. This means each time you publish a pitch it will show up on your website, blog or PitchEngine Facebook Newsroom app.
You’ve got the list and now you have great content to share. Share a custom message and a link with your contacts and bam! – your Pitch is making the email rounds.
Media Contacts Coming Soon
Send your Pitch to journalists and bloggers using our exclusive Cision® Media Connect tool. We’ll find online influencers who match your category or tags so you can pinpoint the ones that matter.
Accelerator Coming Soon
Need an extra boost? Try sending your Pitch to our network of PR pros who just may be able to get you some serious ink! We’ll connect you with the right pros and you can make the deal.
Print Coming Soon
If you prefer the smell of fresh ink on paper we can do that too. Each Pitch is formatted to print while including hyperlinks, multimedia content and more.


Great, branded content can jump-start the conversation with customers and other online influencers. With PitchEngine, your content is the centerpiece for unprecedented interaction. From direct-message capability to Facebook comment integration, we’ve dialed-in the social to help you connect.

Better Sharing
The Pitch™ is designed specifically as an engagement utility. This means the reader can use it as they see fit. Grab a logo, share a photo or tweet the Twitter Pitch to their own friends, fans and followers.
Conversation Hosting Coming Soon
Facebook integration means high-velocity engagement on a proven platform. See who’s sharing and what they’re saying right from where the story originates – your Pitch™.
Tweetable Moments
Each Quick Fact is “tweetable” – meaning it’s easily shareable for readers, journalists and other influencers who want “just the facts.” It’s a proven method in public relations and another Pitch innovation.
Instant Contact Coming Soon
Tired of voicemail? Get critical queries and leads delivered to you instantly so you react timely and effectively.


Great, branded content can jump-start the conversation with customers and other online influencers. With PitchEngine, you’re content is the centerpiece for unprecedented interaction. From direct-message capability to Facebook comment integration, we’ve dialed-in the social to help you connect.

Track your Pitch™ and learn what engagement techniques are working best for your business. Our in depth analytics package provides you insight into your handiwork. Now your media empire is wired.
Time on Pitch
From day one, PitchEngine has led the PR industry in Time of Engagement. See just how long readers are staying interested in what you have to say. You’ll be amazed.
Your media empire is big. See just how people are finding your Pitch so you can explore the best avenues for promotion. The more referral points, the better.
See how well your content does on the social web by examining the volume of tweets, likes and plus ones (+1). Unlock the secret to the sticky Pitch.
Geolocation Coming Soon
Learn where in the world your readers coming from. See who you should target with your message, product offering or special.


PitchEngine provides enterprise level software to ALL of our users. We’ve baked-in security features, multi-user login and account management tools to give you full control at the dashboard of your media empire.

Cloud Software
PitchEngine doesn’t require any download or install. This means, much like web mail or social networking sites, you can access and manage your account from any computer that has an internet connection.
Account Security
PitchEngine has turned-up the security measures to ensure your content stays private and inaccessible, unless you give another user account access permission. These measures ensure public information stays private until the instant you want it public.
Multi-User Login Coming Soon
Some PitchEngine users manage more than 50 brands from one account. This means each PR pro can login and manage their clients from anywhere. You can also give your client access to read and approve pitches before publishing.
Account Billing Coming Soon
Print receipts for your clients or your boss straight from your dashboard. Manage payments methods, subscriptions levels and more.