Myo-Med is Now MyoNatural

Same Great Product. Different Name

Fountain Hills, Arizona | Myo-Med has rebranded into a MyoNatural. Same formula, same ingredients, same natural, effective pain relief. But now a different, and we think more fitting, name. Since it's introduction in 2009 Myo-Med has become the fastest selling pain cream in the history of the Health Food Industry. With the recent addition of the world's first all-natural 24-hour pain relief patch, it's time to embrace the natural. MyoNatural.

What is MyoNatural? 

MyoNatural is a revolutionary, all-natural, toxin-free pain relief cream that works to relieve pain from a wide variety of pain-causing ailments, from sports injuries and sore muscles to arthritis, joint pain, and back aches. MyoNatural pain cream is recommended by top athletes, doctors and health professionals as a safe and effective way to manage pain. 

Minimal Menthol 

MyoNatural does not rely on a heavy dosage of menthol to shock the system (resulting in only momentary pain relief). Instead, MyoNatural includes the minimum amount of menthol to help initial skin penetration. In such small amounts, the menthol scent quickly dissipates, as the other active, organic ingredients begin rebuilding tissue for long-lasting recovery. 

How MyoNatural Works 

MyoNatural anti-inflammatory cream reaches deep tissue to attack the inflammation that causes pain. Unlike most pain creams, MyoNatural works at a cellular level to deliver natural anti-inflammatory compounds to deep tissue. This not only provides immediate pain relief, but works to heal and repair damaged tissue for long lasting pain relief that aids in injury recovery. 

Why MyoNatural? 

You can now live an active and pain free lifestyle without having to worry about any side effects. Recommended by doctors, health care professionals and world class athletes such as Tom Brady, MyoNatural is avaliable as both an all-natural pain cream and now a pain patch for long lasting relief.  

MyoNatural promises to relieve your pain. Or your money back!