Why MyoNatural Works & What's In It?

Sore Muscles? Chronic pain? We Can Help.

MyoNatural Guarantee
MyoNatural Guarantee
  • MyoNatural Guarantee
    MyoNatural Guarantee
    MyoNatural Guarantee
    MyoNatural Guarantee

Arthritis pain getting in the way of your golf? Sore back not letting you sleep through the night? Looking for fast, natutral pain relief? MyoNatural pain cream can help. It reaches deep tissue to attack the inflammation that causes pain. This means that it works on a wide variety of pain-causing ailments. 

The Detail

Our revolutionary pain cream (and now 24-hour pain patch) works by delivering proven pain relief and natural anti-inflammatory compounds directly to the tissues being damaged. The patented delivery system carries the oil-based and water-based ingredients into deep tissue where they reinforce and lubricate cells. These strengthened cells are better able to resist rupture which leads to pain and inflammation. 

Unlike most pain creams, MyoNatural works at a cellular level to deliver natural anti-inflammatory compounds to deep tissue. This not only provides immediate pain relief, but works to heal and repair damaged tissue for long lasting pain relief that aids in injury recovery.


Those using MyoNatural for sports training find they get best results by applying MyoNatural before workouts, then again after they shower off. Those using it for pain relief from injury or chronic ailments apply it two to three times a day. Most start seeing their best results after five to 10 days.

Why MyoNatural Works

Celaplex™ is an ingredient complex that makes up the pain-relieving, therapeutic elements of MyoNatural. It is a combination of ingredients that work together for maximum relief.

Patented Delivery System: Real pain relief requires getting to where the pain begins - deep inside inflamed muscles and joints. Most other pain relief creams only touch the surface, masking pain by overloading dermal receptors. MyoNatural's all-natural delivery system (liposomes made up of phospholipids) penetrates deep into sore tissue to reduce inflammation and deliver pain-relieving and cell-enhancing ingredients directly to the cells that need it the most. This unique, patented delivery system gives MyoNatural both a faster and longer-lasting effect by repairing deeper layers of tissue to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. 

A Few Things You Might Not Know 

  • MyoNatural uses deodorized Garlic Oil. Garlic is a natural anticoagulant - a natural blood thinner. Recent research has shown garlic to improve blood flow. Deodorized garlic oil and safflower oil, both of which have clearly demonstrated anti-inflammatory benefits, are enhanced when they are bonded together and combined with the other nutrients. 
  • MyoNatural uses plenty of Vitamin E. The family of vitamin E compounds are well known for their antioxidant attributes. Antioxidants protect cell structures by neutralizing free radicals (that cause damage throughout the body’s several systems and ultimately lead to many diseases). 
  • Minimal Menthol. Unlike many pain creams and sports rubs that rely on high doses of menthol to shock the tissues, creating momentary relief without lasting effect, MyoNatural includes the minimum amount (1.25%) to help initial skin penetration. 

For your free sample of our pain cream and pain patch, please visit our website at MyoNatural.com.