Grow Business in a Slow Economy with Effective Web Marketing Strategy - the Web is the new Shopping Mall

Businesses small and large are taking advantage of growing online spending trends

Toronto, ON (July 29, 2009) - In this economy, businesses small and large are taking advantage of growing online spending trends. Businesses must first understand their target consumer in this new online age and then deploy a marketing strategy to reach them in the most engaging and cost effective manner. Online media will quickly become a strong component of any successful marketing communications effort no matter what the product or service or what demographic they are targeting.

"It's not simply about the technology," says Alicia Whalen, Co-founder and Principal of A Couple of Chicks e-Marketing. "Consumer behavior is rapidly changing with media consumption patterns changing from primarily Print, TV and Radio to include other mediums from Search Engines, Websites, and Social Media websites, to Mobile phone browsers and beyond. Consumers are spending less time watching TV for example, and more time chatting with friends on Facebook, reading news on their mobile devices and researching products online."

A Couple of Chicks' Steps to success on the web include:

1. The Web site: The Cash Register: Audit your current web site or competitor web sites. Determine where your target consumers spend their media time. Do they text message, spend time on social media sites such as Twitter or do they still look primarily to search engines to find what they are looking for online? The right online media mix will drive target audience to a website to buy - and a good web site will ensure that browsers turn into customers.

2. Optimize your Web site: Make sure that your storefront is visible. Deploy search engine optimization best practices to your web site to ensure that once your cash register is set up that you are easily found by search engines and by your customers online.

3. Test your Web site: Long lines (or slow service) at your cash register might lead shoppers to abandon their purchase. Ensure that content is fresh and engaging and that you are leading your shoppers to a cash register that is simple and easy to transact with.

4. Measure Success: Online is the most track-able marketing medium there has ever been. Free tools such as Google Analytics monitor traffic on your website and beyond. Learn which marketing tactic converted into sales and adjust your strategy accordingly.

5. Be aware of your brand and push out your message like a logo on a t-shirt: Like a logo on a t-shirt, poster, or branded shopping bag - your brand message is living online in many different ways beyond your website (your store). Brands are living in images on photo sharing sites like, or in videos posted to or within conversations or reviews of your products social media websites such as Facebook or Tripadvisor. Make sure that you are monitoring, and engaging in that conversation and that you continue to send your message out to any channel that will take notice.

"Consumers are more fragmented than ever before," says Patricia Brusha Co-founder and Principal of A Couple of Chicks e-Marketing. "Marketers need to bring it back to basics. Be visible where your consumers are living - bring your message to them no matter where they are shopping."

About Couple of Chicks e-Marketing:
Known for their flare for fun, A Couple of Chicks have worked with over 70 clients including Marriott International, Nova Scotia Tourism, Niagara Falls Tourism, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, and Yahoo! Canada in just four years. They have also produce Online Revealed - a successful Conference series that brings together tourism professionals to educate about Marketing Online. Their first publication; Online Marketing Revealed: A Couple of Chicks Guide to Success on the Web, in now available as a guide to getting started with a successful long term web strategy, with case studies and Chick Tips that make it simple for any business to get started.

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