Crowdsourcing comes to the hospital industry.

Survey of Digital, Integrated and Emerging Marketing Launches

For the first time, hospital marketers can harness the power of the crowd to get data on how other hospitals are using emerging marketing techniques. The Hospital Industry Crowdsourced Survey of Digital, Integrated and Emerging Marketing is the first-ever initiative among hospitals to use "crowdsourcing," an innovative strategy in which the "crowd" contributes ideas and feedback to solve a problem or create content.

Launched today by Acsys Interactive, the survey enables hospital marketers to participate and learn directly from their peers. In June, hospital marketers contributed questions and topics related to digital, integrated and emerging marketing. The finalized survey consists of questions the marketers deemed highly important. Survey participants will receive first access to the data.

"Hospitals rely on benchmarking data for everything, marketing included. But since digital and social marketing, and emerging marketing techniques like mobile are so new, in many cases, the data simply doesn't exist. Or it isn't specific to hospitals. This survey fills a much-needed gap. And because the topics come from hospital marketers, we know it covers exactly what hospital marketers want to know," says Mike Stutman, SVP, Strategy & Innovation at Acsys Interactive.

Hospital marketers are encouraged to access and take the survey here:

( The survey topics, provided by the crowd in June, can be accessed here: )

Crowdsourcing, a concept that first gained prominence in 2006 after a Wired Magazine profile, has been used by a number of industries and high profile organizations, including the Democratic National Committee and Facebook, to aid in product and content development, but it has never been used in the hospital industry.

"We're excited to push the envelope of benchmarking strategies in the hospital industry. Learning from your peers is incredibly valuable, not just in terms of what they are doing now, but where the industry is going in the next several years," says Stutman.

Acsys Interactive, an award-winning, full-service interactive agency with expertise in hospitals and healthcare, created the survey in partnership with Equation Research, a next generation research firm that has successfully implemented the first crowdsourced survey in the marketing industry.

Acsys Interactive is based in Farmington, CT with offices in New York City and Boston, MA. Services include strategy, branding, design, digital marketing, social, mobile, software development and hosting.