Ad Agency & Business Project Management Software Automates Processes

Webvantage blue software from The Advantage Software Company sends dollars to your bottom line.

Webvantage blue from The Advantage Software Company empowers your agency and business with incredible process automation, team collaboration and team communication tools.  "As we are all challenged with more work and fewer resources, automation of manual processes has become absolutely essential," said Ellen Coulter, president of The Advantage Software Company. "Webvantage blue is flexible enough to work the way you do, and replace manual processes that slow you, your agency and your team down."

Webvantage blue easily helps you automate manual processes in the crucial project management area.  "Our agency and business clients really see enormous benefits with Webvantage blue through our tools like Project Scheduling, the shareable Calendar, and the popular 'My Tasks' feature," says Coulter.  "These tools help our clients stay on track and organized."

Clients will also find that Webvantage blue will assist them in resource allocation and planning.  Automated alerts will allow agency team members from across the globe electronically communicate and collaborate on all tasks without missing any details.  Webvantage blue maintains everything in a secure, safe, accessible database that is easily administered.

"One of the more popular user benefits that we are hearing about is the unique option of Webvantage blue to actually route assignments through workflow templates that our clients define and customize for their own uses," adds Coulter.  "The end result yields automated processes that have replaced manual tasks to free up team resources for more valuable collaboration and contribution."

The Advantage Software team provides full-service implementation, training, customer support and software customization services to help clients implement and transition to Webvantage blue.  For more information on Webvantage blue, please contact The Advantage Software Company at 1-800-841-2078 or visit our blue website at