Create Bespoke Photo Books Quickly and Simply

In the past, the idea of using your own images to put together a photo book would have seemed extremely far fetched.

The kind of glossy, well produced expensive volume sold in bookshops was the preserve of professionals, and well out of the reach of ordinary people, no matter how fine their photographs may be.

The advent of digital photography has led to a huge boom in the number of photographs an individual can take, and to a big improvement in the quality of these pictures. The fact that the cameras are fully automatic, and exemplify the ethos of point and click means that actually taking the photographs has become incredibly simple, and storing them electronically means that the space issues which would once have been caused by hundreds of images no longer arise.

The quality of the images in question has been improved vastly by the simple fact that excellent cameras are now easily affordable, and operate in a fully automatic manner, taking issues such as focus and shutter speed out of the hands of the user and ensuring that the quality of every image captured is as high as possible.

Having taken multiple images it is then extremely simple to scroll through them and pick and choose the photographs which you want to keep, but once you’ve done this, the question of how to go about saving and storing your favourite photographs arises. All too often, pictures will end up scattered across a wide range of devices and cameras, or hidden in the recesses of your computer but, no matter how convenient these electronic means of storage are, there are certain photographs which you want to actually see printed, and photo books offer the perfect opportunity to do so to the highest possible standard.

Whereas, in the past, favourite photographs had to be stored in photo albums, stuck onto the pages somewhat haphazardly, they can now be printed to the kind of standard which was once open only to professionals. The first step in the creation of a bespoke volume like this is to create an online photo book by uploading the images you wish to use to the relevant website. Once you’ve done this, selecting photographs based around an event such as a wedding or holiday, or those which share a subject such as your family, then you can use the software provided to design your book.

It has been especially crafted to be simple, intuitive and instinctive to operate, and allows you to tweak and alter every feature of the book, from its size and shape to the number of pages and the placing of individual images on those pages. Once you’ve finalised the layout you can chose whether to add explanatory text or not, and pick the material and design of the front and back covers. The finished volume will be put together to a standard which matches anything available to purchase from book shops, and will be a perfect gift for a loved one, especially when bearing in mind the fact that you can also select particular images and use them to make personalised greeting cards.


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