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When you choose and purchase a gift for another person there are many different things which have to be considered. Once fairly prosaic issues such as the price and type of object you’re going to give are dealt with, there is also the question of the message which you wish to convey by handing over the item in question. Often, the gift will be merely a token intended to celebrate some event such as the passing of a driving test or a particular birthday, but some gifts are intended to carry much more weight than this, and Valentine’s Day gifts are perfect examples of this phenomenon.


When you send a gift to somebody on the 14th of February, then you’re doing so with a very specific intention. Whether you’re in a long term relationship and wish to re-affirm the affection you feel for your other half, or want to take this once a year opportunity to let a good friend know that you’d like to be more than just acquaintances, then the greeting cards or presents you send on this day will be meant to convey just how much you feel for the other person.


It’s for this reason, the intensity of the message being conveyed and the fact that you want to make the best possible impression, that making just the right choice can be so difficult and stressful. Choosing from the racks of commercially available Valentine photo cards, for example, can take a lot of time and effort because of the knowledge that the image you finally opt for is going to be judged in terms of what it says about you and your personality. Get it wrong, and a beautiful relationship could have been ended before it even began. Getting it right, however, is so much easier if you print a card using an image from your own collection. Doing this means that the image on the card will say exactly what you want it to say, whether it’s a picture of your intended’s favourite place or a shot of the two of you enjoying each other’s company. Making such a card is now incredibly simple, since the technology involved in digital photography means that the image in question can be uploaded to the appropriate site and then the rest of the card, from size and shape to any text included, can be designed via the user-friendly software.


The same simple process is all it takes to turn whole collections of digital photographs into bespoke photo books which capture your favourite images forever on the finest quality of paper using the latest in printing technology. Whereas, in the analogue era, photo albums were fairly primitive items put together in a somewhat slapdash and amateurish manner, these one off volumes are of the standard you could honestly expect to find on the shelves of a high street bookshop showcasing the work of a professional photographer.


Whether you choose a card or a book, the finished item will be beautifully produced whilst simultaneously totally personal and individual. No matter what the message is that you want to get across, there’s really no better way of doing it than to create gifts based upon your own memories and images.




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