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If you're looking for a gift to give to someone which will be high impact, deeply impressive and represent an object which is bound to bring

If you’re looking for a gift to give to someone which will be high impact, deeply impressive and represent an object which is bound to bring pleasure for years to come, then canvas prints represent the very best choice available.


When it comes to selecting the artworks which are going to adorn the walls of the home in which they live, people are making choices which say a lot more about them than what kind of decorating style they like, or what their favourite colour is. The art we display is a reflection of the kind of person we are, capturing the way we see the world, how our concept of beauty is expressed and the image which we wish visitors to our home to take away with them. That’s why buying a work of art – whether it’s for your own enjoyment or to give as a gift – is such an important and often difficult step to take. After all, considering the cost and the sentiment involved, you’re looking for something which will be lived with and enjoyed for years if not decades to come. Get the choice of image just right, and that’s exactly what you’ll have; a family memento which will bring pleasure on an ongoing basis.


The route taken by most people is to pay a visit to an ‘off the peg’ art shop and buy one of the factory produced canvas prints which are available, trusting that you’ll be able to find something which more or less matches your requirements. It’s unreasonable, however, to be expected to put up with an object which is less than perfect. Put simply, if you’re going to take the plunge and invest in art, then you may as well do it properly, and investing in something which has been copied and recopied many thousands of times and is bound to be hanging on the walls of hundreds of other houses doesn’t’ quite fit the bill. Of course, if you have a vast amount of money to spend and the time to trawl many galleries then you may be able to invest in an original work of art by a promising young artist, but these kind of budgetary requirements are beyond most people.


The best way out of this conundrum, the route to a piece of art which is excellent, personal and exactly meets either your own needs and tastes or those of the recipient, is to create your own. In years gone by, however, this route was only open to those who had both the talent and the specialised equipment available to professional artists or printers. The flexibility of digital photography has changed this dramatically. Whilst many people will be aware of the ways in which their own images can be used to design and print items such as photo calendars, they may not realise that the same is true when it comes to creating original works of art.


Putting photos on canvas has been made extremely simple, to a degree which means that absolutely any image can be turned into a full size work of art. Whether it’s a favourite family portrait, a dramatic landscape shot or an image chosen solely for its’ artistic merits, the process is exactly the same and is extremely simple. Upload the image of your choice to the website and then modify factors such as the size and shape of the canvas. That’s the extent of the ‘work’ involved and the resulting canvas photo prints will be wipe clean, unaffected by sunlight and manufactured to the highest possible standard, utilising the ‘wrap around’ printing technique favoured by top end galleries and art shops.



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