Mark the Passing Of Time Using Your Own Photo Calendars

Having a calendar pinned to your wall, or attached to the door of your fridge using a magnet makes it easy to keep track of the comings.

Personalised photo calendars, however, are capable of doing that job perfectly well whilst at the same time being personally meaningful and attractive objects.

The appeal of Personalised photo calendars is fairly obvious. At the start of the year you can enter all of the important dates coming up on a month by month basis. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and even more trivial items such as bill due dates can be jotted down quickly and simply and, should they ever need amending, it’s as quick and easy as putting a line through one date and scribbling down another. What’s more, because it doesn’t need a power source, battery or memory chip, a photo calendar is never going to lose the information which you’ve stored on it, and accessing this information is as quick and easy as flicking through the pages.

So far, so good, but there is a severe problem with calendars such as this, and that problem generally lies in the type of pictures they use. All too often, unless you’re a teenager with a crush on a boy band, or someone who wants to gaze at a certain heartthrob every day of the year, you have to put up with a calendar with pictures which are dull, lifeless and deeply unappealing. Frequently they will be tedious shots of beauty spots or of animals such as ponies or puppies.

It doesn’t have to be this way, however, the technology which has sprung up around digital photography has made it possible to create personalised Canvas print built around a selection of your own images. You may wish to give a calendar such as this as a gift, selecting a dozen favourite shots of your children as a treat for grandparents, for example, or crafting a Father’s day gift featuring a selection of your Dads favourite places. Alternatively, you may be creating a calendar for your own use, in which case it may just be a case of finding twelve of your favourite shots and allocating a different one to each month of the year.

Whatever subject matter you choose, all that you need to do is upload the pictures in question to the right website. It could be as many pictures as you like, since the design might feature more than one shot on each page, and some even go as far as to utilise smaller individual shots on the relevant dates. Once the pictures are online, you can use the software provided to plan the design and layout of your calendar.

It’s been designed to be simple to use, intuitive and instinctive, and it means that no experience, training or particular skill is required to design a stunning calendar. Every feature, from the size and shape to the actual date upon which it starts, can be modified, and the finished item will be produced to the highest possible standard. The same techniques can be used to create stunning Canvas Photo prints, meaning that every wall of your home can boast an image or images which are aesthetically pleasing and emotionally resonant.


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