The Surprise Results of Albelli Valentine's Day Survey

The survey was conducted by OnePoll over 1000 adults aged over 18 years using a quota sample.

Albelli 27th January 2012:

The survey was conducted by OnePoll over 1000 adults aged over 18 years using a quota sample. The survey was conducted from January 9th- 13th 2012. The sample was designed to representative of all adults across the UK. Further details are available upon request.

It’s easy to take Valentine’s Day for granted and just assume that your other half is going to make a romantic gesture, but a new survey by OnePoll suggests otherwise. The survey was commissioned by Albelli, Europe’s leading photo book brand, and revealed that a shocking 40% of the respondents don’t even bother with gifts on Valentine’s Day. Whether this is because they’re currently wallowing in singledom, or are firmly of the opinion that romance is dead, we couldn’t possibly say, but trawling through the findings of the poll does pull together some fascinating cupid related facts.

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1. Small Gestures Make A Big Impact

Rest assured the misery merchants didn’t have it all their way, since 50% of people said that their idea of romance was a touching, small gesture, such as someone reaching to hold your hand while they’re sitting watching television, rather than an extravagant, costly display of affection. This means that being on a budget needn’t stop you being romantic, especially since 30% of people also feel that personal gifts which demonstrate care and thought are the best way to another’s heart.

2. There’s Still Such a Thing as a Last Minute Panic

Half of the people surveyed had made firm plans to buy their gifts online this year, but this doesn’t mean that everyone has got things firmly in hand. The last minute, panicked race to the supermarket or petrol station forecourt is still firmly on the agenda for 25% of people.

3. How Well Do You Know Your Other Half?

When it comes to choosing the right gift, men are smart enough to keep their ears open, with 38% saying that the clunking hints regularly dropped by their partner come in extremely handy. On the other side of the gender divide, 52% of women feel they know their partner so well that they can choose the right gift without any help, whereas only 38% of men have got the same degree of confidence.

4. On Matters of the Heart, It’s the Men Who Splash the Cash.

The overall average spend on a Valentine’s gift is an impressive £22, but this is one area where men and women are not on an equal footing. It’s the male of the species who are more likely to make a grand gesture, with 19% of them saying they’re going to spend more than £40 on a gift as opposed to just 6% of women planning to be equally generous. If you’re really going to stretch the purse strings and jet off for a romantic getaway, then 37% of respondents said they’d like a City Break, thank you very much, rather than anything more rural or adventurous.

5 Keep It Personal To Really Make The Point

When it comes to finally choosing the perfect gift, it seems that traditional (or should it be tired?) choices like flowers and chocolates are being supplanted, for 24% of people at least, by choices which lie at the personal and creative end of the spectrum, and 20% opt to keep things simple by sending just a card.

Albelli, who commissioned the survey, announced that they expect lots of extra business this Valentine’s Day as more people turn away from the likes of extravagant dining out and opt, instead, to express their feelings via highly personal handmade gifts. To meet this need, they’ve fashioned a dedicated Valentine’s Shop crammed with ideas and inspiration, allowing anyone to create genuinely unique and highly personal Valentines Day gifts. Amongst the romantic ideas which are totally new as well as deeply personal is this photo book, the pages of which can be filled with images reflecting and inspired by your love.

Keith Hanson, General Manager of Albelli UK said; “The survey results were fascinating. For those that celebrate Valentine’s Day they’re prepared to spend quite a lot on that special person. The pressure to get it right seems to be more prevalent amongst men but there’s a consensus that personal and special are the best route to success. Our range of photo books are stunning quality, each one is made by a professional and each one is entirely personal and unique.”