Update: Importing Draft Pitches, Old Analytics

Answering your questions as the arise

The new PitchEngine is revving up and users are jumping in. Naturally, there are a few changes you'll notice and even a few things we're still bring over from your older accounts.

Here's the latest:

  • Draft pitches from the old system need to be imported manually by our team. Please shoot us a note via the feedback tab and let us know your user email address, brand name and the picth title. Rest assured, no data was lost, it may just live in a different place right now.
  • The view tracker for pitches (counter) hasn't been imported as we are bringing up a new analytics and tracking package. If you need to retrieve the view count, please let us know via the feedback tab. 

We're avialable to help you out at 307-855-4011 and also by email support@pitchengine.com

Team Pitch